SO potentially one of the more inaccurate parts of the comic (lol) is this mending scene, which was coordinated with the help of a friend who has an interest in tall ships. “Tall ships” as we know them certainly postdate the Viking age by a lot, but we can only guess what Viking sails looked like or were made of anyway.

The needle and thread are familiar (though the needle is shaped more like a wedge), but the thing in the third panel is what’s called a “sailor’s palm.” It goes by other names but it’s something you put on your hand to push the needle through the sail fabric. Sails were likely thicker and heavier than clothing fabric, so they needed a bit more power behind them than just your fingers could provide. It’s basically like a thimble, but for your palm instead of your thumb. It does the same job.

Did Vikings have these? No idea! But I wanted something in the ballpark of authenticity.